Our factory is resuming to operate normally

23-Jan-2020, it was a very special day for all of us, Wuhan City, have more than 10,000,000 population,  was locked down because of the corona virus spreading. Except the necessary people livelihood industry like drugstore, supermarket,all other shops are required to close. And people have to stay at home and quanrantine. Not only pretect ourselves, but also for others. Because we don't know who was infected, including ourself. From that day, it seems time is stop, and city have lost its vitality. So quiet you have never seem. This will be the most unforgetable Spring Festival  in our whole life.

Our heroes, 40000+ doctors and nurses from all over China, have come to support Wuhan. After 2 months, 3000+ deads,80000+ confirmed case, we finally control the spread of this horrible virus COVID-19.

Unfortunately,As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, claiming thousands of lives worldwide. Italy have became the second severe country. And more and more countries shut down due to the fast spreading of COVID-19

24-MAR-2020, a great news from Wuhan, 0 increase. It is a milestone day.

Since 24-FEB-2020, Our factory resume to operation gradually under the help of the goverment. All our staff are well protected.

So as many other chinese factory. In these challenging time, only work together, we will win! Fighting!